Q: What is Self-Myofascial Release?

A: SMR (aka: SMFR) is a little bit like massage, a smidgeon like stretching plus a hint of self-inflicted torture all rolled up into one. (the degree of ‘torture’ depends on how “sticky” your trigger points are.) Fascia is a continuous, sheath-like, soft tissue that wraps around, over and through your muscles from head to toe… you might imagine it as an ‘internal skin’. If you’ve ever seen the white-ish film on a raw, boneless, skinless chicken breast, you’ve seen fascia. Overuse, misuse, abuse through training and/or lifestyle can cause fascia to “bind” and cause pain and/or dis-function throughout the body. By locating trigger points and ‘teasing’ your nervous system into releasing these bound up tissues with BLOOB-ALLZ, you’ll feel better, perform better and get more from your training efforts.

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Q: Why the name “BLOOB-ALLZ“?

A: “iBallz” seemed like it might be pushing the lines of copyright infringement and “thoracic spine mobilization and self-myofascial release system” doesn’t roll off the tongue very smoothly. BLOOB-ALLZ consists of 2 balls which happen to be blue in color and quite frankly can be a little uncomfortable. The name seems kind of obvious when you think about it that way, don’t ya’ think?

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Q: Does the discomfort of BLOOB-ALLZ ever go away?

A: While everybody has their own personal threshold for pain, trigger points can be quite uncomfortable when you first start addressing them through self-myofascial release. But the pain and dis-function that accumulates from NOT managing these “knots” can become much more limiting than any initial discomfort you may experience when using BLOOB-ALLZ. Fortunately, in most cases, once you get your trigger points under control, maintenance becomes much quicker, easier and dare I say, enjoyable.

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Q: Why not just use a foam roll or tennis ball to get my trigger points to release?

A: Many people are introduced to self-myfascial release using foam rolls, but they can be bulky, surprisingly expensive and awkward to store in a gym bag, purse or desk drawer. A tennis ball (or similar, single ball approach) can allow a muscle to slide off and escape the direct pressure needed to get a trigger point to release. BLOOB-ALLZ adjustment rod gives you the ability to personalize the tool to ‘grab-and-attack’ trigger points in a way that tennis balls and duct tape just can’t do.

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Q: Why do my friends laugh at me whenever I tell ’em how much I enjoy my BLOOB-ALLZ?

A: If they laugh, it’s only because they don’t understand how good BLOOB-ALLZ can feel. Male genitalia jokes aside, BLOOB-ALLZ are a serious product that you’re sure to enjoy using.

Use BLOOB-ALLZ for Thoracic Mobility and Self-Myofascial Release