…They Hurt So Good!

As the name might suggest, Bloob-Allz can be uncomfortable. In fact, sometimes they hurt like hell! But when you train like a beast to build thick, powerful muscle, foam rolls and tennis balls don’t have what it takes to break up those deep trigger points that prevent you from full recovery.

Virtually indestructible and made of high-density rubber, Bloob-Allz adjustable DUO-SPHERE system is the perfect tool for self-myofascial release and for off-setting hours hunched over a computer, steering wheel or golf ball.


A pair of Bloob-Allz weigh less than 12oz, so they’re easy to throw in your gym bag, purse or desk drawer.
(By comparison, the testicles of a Blue Whale weigh 25lbs EACH.)

For penetration deep into the muscle, BLOOB-ALLZ hurt sooooo good!

BLOOB-ALLZ were created as an alternative to the ‘duct-tape-and-tennis-balls’ method many personal trainers and other fitness enthusiasts use. While the taped tennis balls approach might be good enough for some, they lacked the ability to adjust the distance between the two balls and they just look crappy. (Even worse: the “two-balls-in-an-old-sock” trick!)

Sure they can work in a pinch, but for regular and/or professional use, there were no better options.


Yes, the name conjures up images of… um… how should we say? An “unfortunate physiological condition” – and as much as we like to joke about ’em, BLOOB-ALLZ are a very serious product for people who are serious about the quality of their muscle. A few minutes a day with BLOOB-ALLZ and your soft-tissue will be as tender as the finest Kobe beef!

In addition to an easy-to-follow Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) guide, every set of BLOOB-ALLZ comes with our spinal mobility plan. If you sit hunched over a computer or steering wheel for any length of time and have felt that tightness in your upper back and shoulders, it’d be a safe bet to say some thoracic extension and rotation SHOULD be in your future!

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